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Bicycle Components

Manufacturing All Bicycle Parts

Production capacity of almost 1 million bicycle frames and 20 million parts yearly.

Meghna is in bicycle components and accessories manufacturing from 2001 located in Gazipur, Bangladesh. It makes all the parts of a bicycle such as saddle, paddle, frames, grips, spoke, wheel nipples, mudguard, side wheels, chain cover, protector, stand cap, rear clip, etc. excluding the transmission system. Apart from deem export, the business has been directly exporting components to South Asian markets, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Meghna produces aluminum and steel frames. 6061 aluminum profile is imported from Taiwan to produce the best quality frames. Own testing facilities have been used to maintain EU standards. Heat treatment process is being used to strengthening frames. AlCa industries Ltd. is a joint venture frame manufacturing factory which produces high quality aluminum frames. It has its own painting facilities equipped with Japanese disk technologies and American burner for oven. It also has an ED painting facility and its lead free paint confirms EU standards.

Meghna has a production capacity of 900000 bicycle frames yearly altogether. Besides, it has yearly 20004192 pcs parts production capacity, yearly 17931888 pcs bicycle plastic parts production capacity and yearly 5226624 pcs rim, saddle and paddle production capacity.

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Handle Bar

Mud Guard

Chain Cover


Production Process

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Research & Development

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